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Top 5 - Free german dating websites

There aren't many dating sites in germany that are free of charge. Most german people who are willing to find a partner online are using subscription based single communities. Nonetheless there are some noteworthy dating communities in germany that are completely free to use. If you want to start exploring the german dating scene without paying anything, these are your best bets:

    This is by far not the biggest german dating site but one of the best when it comes to subscription free dating in germany. You don't have to pay anything to use this site as it was intended to. You can message over 2 million german singles without paying a dime. You don't even have to be a grown up, even 16 year old girls and boys are allowed to register here. The majority of members however is more in the range of 20 to 40 years. Lately there is a growing percentage of people beyond the age of 50 as well but the main focus lies on young man and younger women.

    This website also offers to communicate with other members free of charge. You can mail and read messages from other members for free. This website also has about 2 million users. Not all of them are active. As a free user, you are not allowed to view the last login date of a profile. Therefore you might try to contact some very outdated profiles whose owners aren't active anymore. However, as it doesn't cost you anything your free to send out a lot of copy & paste messages to people who you adore.

    To use flirtoo free of charge, you have to earn yourself coins. By registering yourself with Flirtoo, you earn your first coins. You can so so as well by completing several tasks and actions on the flirtoo page. This site aims at a younger audience who isn't able to pay for one of the big single sites.

    This is one of the newer german dating websites that offer free chat with german singles. Unfortunately the website itself looks very outdated but if you give this website a try, you are able to meet a lot of young german singles here.

    For some time you can try Funchat for free. This website offers straight to the point communication. You get in contact with other singles very quick. Premium subscription is advised to continue using this website but a sneak peak is completely free of charge.

  6. Top 10 - Best german dating communities for paid users

    These websites are most likely the best shot if you want to find men and women from germany looking for long time relationships. As these are paid only sites, the chance of getting in touch with a fake profile should be very small. They also do checks for plausability and resuse of pictures. People who pay for their subscription usually are more eager to meet new people in real life. Otherwise they wouldn't pay for - am I right?

      With more than 4 million registered members from germany, this is one of the medium sized dating sites for people ranging from 18 to 50 years in germany. It is none of the biggest, however, this community offers the cheapest entry to subscription based flirt communities in germany. With it's trial period beginning at 2,99 € for one month of trial membership you can't do much wrong by giving Flirtfever a try.

      Parship is one of the most successful online dating services in germany. It's psychology based matching algorhythm is trusted by over 4.5 millions of users. In Germany there are about 35.000 new registrations happening each week. Parship is one of the more expensive sites but it's matching algorhythm is helping people to get in contact with people that fit together well. Therefore the prospects of success are very high. Unfortunately it's also one of the most expensive dating sites of western germany but quality has it's price.

      Lovescout24 is the biggest german dating website available. According to its over 24 million registered members, there is no doubt. This dating community has done something right. Starting at 19,99 € a month for the 12 month subscription plan for under 30 year olds the pricing is in the medium range. Over 1 Million german singles in all age ranges are active here each month. One of the classic german portals for singles!

      This is a dating community for academic and high earning singles. You won't find the average Joe here. This dating website is for german CEO's, Doctors, University Teachers and Students of very prestigious universities. There are some rumors that even royal german singles are registered here looking to find the love of their life. The prices for this elite dating portal are ranging from 32,90 € a month for a 2 year membership to a whooping 79 € a month for the 6 month trial package. If you belong to the world wide elite, these fees should be peanuts for you!

      Starting at a more than fair rate of ab 9,90 € / month Dating Café is one of the cheapest communities in the long run if you don't mind to subscribe for their long term membership plan including 24 months of full access. There also is a 24,90 € / month plan for 3 month worth of time with unlimited messages and use of the site. Dating Cafe has more than 1.5 million members in germany and is mostly used by people in the age group between 35 and 50 years.

      One of the best german dating websites for best agers. This website is heavily crowded by people older than the age of 50 years. Here you can find a new loved one, a travel partner to travel around the world with you and even some people that are willing to spend one night only with you. Subscription price starts at ab 25,00 € per month for 1 Year subscription or you can give this dating community a try and pay 30 € for 3 month worth of getting in contact with other best agers.

      Despite it's relatively small amount of paying members, Gleichklang is the only german dating site whose members care for their environment. If you are looking to date a yoga teacher or get in love with a greenpeace acitivist, this might be the right community for you. With its heartwarming touch and the hippie like slogan "Humanity, friendliness & solidarity" this is the exact opposite of Elitepartner. This is also the cheapest german dating website starting at 8,16 € a month for the 12 month package. Feel free to find your soul mate.

      Adressing mainly young singles Zwinkr is something like the german version of tinder with a bit more depth. Theses people not only look to hook up but also for long term relationships between two young people. Zwinkr has a very modern website with easy contact functions and is priced fairly well. Starting at 19,90 € per month for a 3 month subscription this service is affordable and specifically for the young people.

      With a lot of german girls looking for a date Lovepoint isn't just another dating community for germans. Lovepoint is offering people a nice hangout and single chat opportunity for people between 18 and 60 Years. The focus here is on a wider audience of people from different age levels coming from all across over germany. Lovepoint also offers an app for smartphone devices and has an up to date website. Membership starts at 12,42 € / month for a 1 year subscription. Therefore very fair priced. If you just want to give Lovepoint a try, its about 33 € for a 3 month subscription.

      Edarling is a family friendly matching platform like Parship. It's main audience is the generation 40- and 50plus. There aren't many young people registered with edarling. If you are looking for grown man and women who know about their own desires and needs - Edarling might suit you best. Edarling also is suitable for People with kids who are looking for a new partner. This family friendly dating site is in the medium price range with membership plans beginning at 27,90 € per month for a 2 year subscription or 49 € /m for 6 month of full access.

    Top 5 - Casual Dating communities in Germany

      Cdate is the most well known and trusted casual dating platform in east- and west germany. This site only has a small percentage of fake profiles and the community team is dooing a very good job identifying fake accounts. Most people on Cdate are looking for fun and one night stands. There also is a growing group of people with fetishes. The age distribution is very well spread between the ages of 18+ to 60+. There is also a small group of elderly people but the majority of users are somewhere between 20 and 45 years. As Cdate is very well accepted by german casual daters, their prices have increased a bit over the past years. Still very worth it the membership plans are beginning at 32,90 € a month for 1 year subscription. A 3 month trial costs 59,90 € / month. However, the registration is free of charge. So you might have a sneak peak of what is gooing on here for free.

      One kind of community. Joyclub brings together couples, swingers, singles and the bdsm community in one place. This very active community not only does offer a free subscription plan, it also hosts it's own event and parties for the like minded. You are able to to look for 1on1, threesomes, a group of four. Whatevery comes to your mind, Joyclub might already have people looking for the exact same thing. You can search for date specific private dates and as a paid member you are also allowed to announce your own dates. Specify what kind of person (or group) you are looking for, what you are interested in dooing while meeting the other person. This community is just awesome. Subscriptions starting at 5,99 € / month for single women and couples and an reasonably well priced ab 11,99 € a month for single men. You can't do anything wrong with joining Joyclub. And even if you do something wrong, on Joyclub you will definately find someone who is willing to punish you for your bad behaviour.

      With the lowest rate for german casual dating sites First Affair also is one of the oldest. Their beginnings date back to 2004 and with over 2 million members looking for friends with benefits or one night stands, first affair is a serious attender for the medal of best german casual dating website. With it's very cheap rates starting at 8,33 € a month for a 12 month plan, this also one of the cheapest casual dating sites in germany. Even the 3 month plan is cheap af. 16,66 € / month for 3 month worth of getting in contact with uncomplicated and desire driven people is very much worth it.

      A fresh startup with a rapidly growing audience is the german website The Casual Lounge. As it name pretends, this site is all about casual dating. Strictly made for people looking for adventures this site keeps growing and growing since its birth 2014. The website was founded by a company from switzerland but its main audience is made up by people from all across germany. According to its own statement, there are more than 35.000 people active every week. Price range starts at 19,99 € (per month for a 12 month subscription) and trial rate is 39,90 € for a 3 month package.

      Not entirely focused on the german mainland benaughty is a very active european Dating Community for casual daters. It's main benefits are a lot of englisch speaking users. Therefore this might suit people from abroad very well. If you are visting germany or other european countries and are looking for some nice chat or meet & greet with strangers - Be Naughty might fit your needs. Pricing begins at 23,99 € a month based on the 12 month subscription. For a short term plan, a 3 months subscription costs you 35,99€ per month.

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